The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting and hiring highly qualified certificated and classified staff to work with our students and our community. Natomas Unified School District was named the second most diverse school district in the nation in a 2009 New York Times study. Natomas Unified School District is an equal opportunity employer and  we are committed to broadening the diversity of our workplace.  All applications and resumes are welcome. Please let us know how we can assist you!

William C. Young, Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services
Phone: 916-567-5444 or Email:
Doug Orr, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Phone: 916-567-5444 or Email:
Carley Borrelli, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 916-567-5444 or Email:
Michael Reed, Director of Human Resources
Phone: 916-567-5469 or Email:
LuAnn Watkins, Personnel Coordinator
Phone: 916-567-5469 or Email:
Sarah Fields, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 916-567-5469 or Email:
Donna Rhodes, HR Technician II
Phone: 916-567-5446 or Email:
Tami DeMeyer, HR Technician II
Phone: 916-567-5443 or Email:
Linda Benuto, HR Technician I
Phone: 916-561-5299 or Email:
Earl Dalmaceda, HR Technician I
Phone: 916-567-5447 or Email: