[Due Monday, April 14th] Reading notes

  • Assigned Monday, 4/7: Read "Our Constitution" pages regarding the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments (roughly 12 pages).
  • Assigned Wednesday, 4/9: Read "Pursuit of Justice" chapter on Plessy v. Ferguson.


[Due Monday, April 7th] Reading Notes / DBQ

There will be a DBQ on Monday, April 7th regarding the religion clauses. You may refer to one page of notes, which should encompass class notes and reading notes.

Reading assignments are listed below:

  • "Our Rights" Ch. 4 and 5 (assigned 3/31)

[Due Monday, March 10th] Reading notes

1. Warm up from March 3rd.

2. "Pursuit of Justice" Ch. 8 (assigned March 3rd), with additional notes from March 4th class.

3. Notes on speech restrictions (March 7th class notes)

4. "Pursuit of Justice" Ch. 18 (assigned March 7th)

[Due Monday, March 3rd] Reading notes

  • Assigned Tuesday, 2/25: "Our Constitution" Chapter 3
  • Assigned Thursday, 2/27: "Our Rights" Chapter 6
  • Assigned Thursday, 2/27: questions regarding the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms vs. the U.S. Constitution

[Due Monday, February 24th] Reading notes

These notes should be a one page condensed version of your notes about the 13 Supreme Court justices presented in class. There may be a quiz on Monday (for which you may use the one page of notes).

[Due Monday, February 17th] Reading notes

Incorporate class notes into your notes for the week (including materials from the DBQ packet on Dred Scott).

[Due Monday, February 10th] Reading notes

Incorporate class notes into your notes for the week.

  1. Understanding Democracy, p. 45-48 [judicial independence, judicial review]
  2. Pursuit of Justice, Ch. 4 [Dred Scott v. Sandford]

[Due Thursday, February 6th] Marshall Court essay

See handout for details.

Citation for the video watched in class on 2/4:

Rapley, Rob, prod. The Supreme Court. Narr. David Strathairn. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc., 2007. Disc 1. CD-ROM.

[Due Monday, February 3rd] Reading notes

1. Pursuit of Justice, Ch. 1 (Marbury v. Madison)
2. Class notes re: Marbury vs. Madison (as needed)
3. Class notes re: Marshall Court decisions (Friday notes)

[Due Monday, January 27th] Reading notes

1. Overview of ratification debates
2. The Federalist
3. Understanding Democracy, p. 17, 39-41, 68-69, 88-89
4. Pursuit of Justice, p. 6-13

[Due Tuesday, January 21st] Reading Notes

  • Read the text of the Articles of Confederation or complete the activity on the last page of today's handout. Pay attention to differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Here is a link to the text of the Articles of Confederation: http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/artconf.asp
  • Read "Understanding Democracy" p. 26-27, 31-32, 58-59
  • Read "The Major Debates" (see handout on this webpage below).

[Due Monday, Jan. 13th] Reading Notes

Assigned Tuesday, January 7th:

  • Excerpts from "Understanding Democracy: A Hip Pocket Guide":
    • p. 56-57
    • p. 73-75
    • p. 79-81
    • p. 84-87
    • p. 90-93
  • "Philosophical Foundations" handout

One page (front and back) of notes encompassing all reading from week 1 will be collected on Monday, January 13th. See Reading Notes guide for more details regarding expectations.

February Key Words

  1. judicial independence
  2. judicial restraint
  3. judicial activism
  4. original intent
  5. strict construction
  6. living constitution
  7. precedent
  8. Dred Scott v. Sandford

January Key Words

  1. constitutional
  2. unconstitutional
  3. democracy
  4. republic
  5. natural rights
  6. liberty
  7. consent of the governed
  8. Hobbes
  9. Locke
  10. Rousseau
  11. Montesquieu
  12. social contract
  13. preamble
  14. Articles of Confederation
  15. Annapolis Convention
  16. Sovereignty
  17. Shays' Rebellion
  18. Constitutional Convention
  19. Ratification
  20. The Federalist
  21. Chisholm v. Georgia
  22. 11th Amendment
  23. case brief
  24. John Marshall
  25. Marbury v. Madison
  26. jurisdiction
  27. judicial review
  28. Supremacy Clause