PBIS “Check In Check Out”

--- Published on March 14th 2022 ---
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At American Lakes School, our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment which values, recognizes and affirms the worth of each individual in our learning community. To help us reach our goal, we have a very effective program for students who may need additional support. We call this program “Check In/Check Out (CICO).” Students involved in this program will check in with a staff mentor in the morning. At Check In they receive a form allowing them to have predictable times throughout the day to receive feedback from teachers/ adults. A rating for the demonstration of our three personal standards, Show Respect, Make Good Decisions, and Solve Problems, is assigned on the student’s form. The staff member and the student talk together, setting a goal of how many points the student will get that day. As they go through the day, they must periodically check in with their teacher to receive points. At the end of the day they check out with the staff mentor who totals the points and discusses how the day went. Students will bring home a report each day to let the parent know if they met their goal. There is a place for the parent to sign and then your child will bring the form back to school. Students can accumulate points to spend in various ways, like lunch with a teacher or computer time. If a family would like to refer their child or students would like to refer themselves, please click here for the Google Referral Form. If you would like more information about “Check In Check Out,” please click here.