American Lakes School wins $5,000 grant for exciting Science and Robotics learning tools

--- Published on January 16th 2019 ---
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American Lakes School has won a $5,000 grant to buy supplemental Science and Robotics tools for students to touch, feel, hold, and use to analyze and experiment with in making classroom activities spring to life in exciting new ways.

“The idea is to give them hands-on learning, in addition to book learning,” said Alex Wright, a 7th-grade Science teacher who applied for the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant.

About $2,500 is targeted for a case of 15 rechargeable, baseball-sized robots that can be programmed by kids of all ages, through computer coding, to travel in any direction, light up in various colors, and obey other coded commands. The robotics tool is perfect for a school where kids already are dabbling in computer coding.

The remaining $2,500 will be used for supplemental Science equipment, such as an incubator, terrarium and microscope slides, for projects that will encourage collaboration, analysis, critical thinking and problem solving, primarily by Wright’s 7th-grade students. Congratulations, Eagles!

American Lakes science teacher Alex Wright