Associated Student Body

Student organizations that are established to raise and spend money on behalf of students are called Associated Student Body organizations, or ASBs. ASB organizations and management of ASB funds represent an opportunity for students not only to raise money, but also to learn some of the principles of operating a small business and to learn leadership skills, while making a contribution to their school and fellow students.

ASBs are governed by the California Education Code, Title 5 of the California Administrative Code, California Constitution, Internal Revenue Code and the Penal Code, as well as Natomas School District board policies, administrative regulations and procedures that have the effect of laws relative to how ASBs are managed and operated in the Natomas Unified School District.

For clarification, ASB should NEVER be used for general classroom supplies or anything that the district is legally responsible for providing. ASB money belongs to the students, not teachers, and students should never be asked to pay for their own basic supplies. ASB is for extra curricular activities only, such as field trips, non-curricular related projects, etc.

Here is the link to the FCMAT ASB Manual. This is the statewide guidance we follow. Chapter 14 specifically talks about allowable expenditures.

Gifts and donations from the community and business entities are vital contributions to ASB. Checks should be made to the school’s ASB, and cash should be accompanied by a letter stating the donation is to be used for the school’s ASB organization. Donations to ASB are deposited into the ASB account and students decide how the funds will be used.

For questions or additional assistance, please contact Anastasia Aguilar at (916) 567-5460.

Associated Student Body Forms

ASB Forms for Elementary Schools
Elementary and K-8 Standard Operating Procedures