Dress Code Policy

Shirts and Tank Tops:

Tank tops must be two inches or wider at the shoulder

Not Permitted:

Spaghetti straps

Tank style undershirts

Sleeveless shirts with extended armholes

Halter tops

Bare midriffs or bare backs

Pants, Skirts, Jumpers, Skorts and Shorts:

Fingertip length or longer

Comfortable fit

Not permitted:

Saggy or baggy pants

Pants which are too long and may cause a hazard during recess or P.E.


Must be worn at all times for safety reasons

Sandals must have an ankle strap

No heels higher than two inches

Not Permitted:





Hats and Caps

Worn outdoors only

Cap Bill must be in front, not to the side or in the back

Coats and Jackets

Please label clearly with student name in permanent ink

School is not responsible if lost

Lost and Found is located in multipurpose room


Clothing, jewelry, backpacks, purses, gym bags

Free of writing and/or pictures of a crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive nature

Free of advertisements for drugs, alcohol or tobacco products

Must not advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudices

Also not acceptable:

Writing on skin

Students are not allowed to bring items which may distract from learning and/or create a problem in or out of class. This includes mechanical/electronic items.

Consequences for students not in compliance with the dress code:

First offense:  Students not in compliance with the dress code will be reminded of the school policy and told not to repeat the infraction.

Second Offense:  The second time a phone call home will be made.  We will ask the parents if they would like to bring an appropriate item of clothing or we can find something in the office for the student to wear if possible.  Options are to turn article of clothing inside out, put a sweater or a coat to cover the inappropriate clothing when applicable.

Third Offense: a parent phone call home, requesting parent to bring appropriate clothing and student will be assigned detention.


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