If your child is absent from school for any reason, please contact the school by phone at 567-5600, by e-mail or send a signed note with the student when the student returns to school.

Please be aware that the ONLY absences that will be excused are for illness or an appointment for the student with a doctor or dentist that is verified by a note from the doctor or dentist office.

Good attendance is crucial to student success! Please be sure to send your students to school every day. If your child is going to be out of school for any reason, please notify the school office the day of the absence, or the next day, at the latest. Please be aware that it is the parent's responsibility to notify the school and that on the third day after an absence, any absence that has not be cleared with the office by phone or note will become an unexcused absence.

Help us to help your student succeed with excellent attendance!