Pick Up and Drop Off

Walking Home:  If you normally pick up your student whether it is in a car or by foot and you would like your child to walk home they must have:

  • A note from you with the current date
  • Permission for them to walk home
  • Your signature
  •  Your phone # of where we can reach you
  • Your student must bring this note to the front office or give to their teacher to send to the office with their attendance
  • If your student goes to START we will send them to STAR

Arrival and Dismissal: Every student must arrive and exit through the front gate by the office.  We do have bus riders that come in through the side gate with adult staff supervision. A.M. drop off and p.m. pick-up:

  • Please drive slowly
  • Have your student ready to exit car
  • Pull forward as far as you can up next to the gold painted curb and drop and pick-up your student
  • Please do not pull along side other cars to drop off and pick up
  • If you have parked in a space please come and get your student and walk them to the curb or car

We appreciate your support.  I know these procedures may inconvenience some of you but your student’s safety is more important.  It just takes one time for something to happen and even with all of the precautions we have put in place.  This only works if you help us.