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✔ Attend school regularly
✔ Complete your homework
✔ Follow school rules
✔ Get involved at school in things that interest you
✔ Play sports
✔ Participate in arts
✔ Help out at school events



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✔ Have good attendance
✔ Get good grades in school
✔ Work hard to get your homework done on time
✔ Begin thinking about what interests you
✔ Start learning about NUSD programs and pathways
✔ Develop good study habits
✔ Stay organized
✔ Get involved
✔ Participate in extracurricular activities
✔ Explore college and career interests and set goals for your future

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High School Student showcasing project
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✔ Earn good grades (high school grades matter starting in 9th grade)
✔ Have good attendance 
✔ Participate in opportunities that interest you: clubs, sports, activities, or academics
✔ Enroll in rigorous programs like AP/IB and CTE Pathways
✔ Be prepared and do your best when given the opportunity to take the PSAT or SAT because doing well can open the door to go to college or scholarships
✔ Meet with your counselor to create, review, and update your multi-year academic plan
✔ Review your “On Track to College Letter” twice a year to see how you are progressing in school, or use your academic planner in Infinite Campus

As you get into 11th grade, start preparing to apply to college.

✔ Explore possible colleges you might like to attend
✔ Look for opportunities to volunteer in school or your community

✔ Talk with your counselor about how to apply to college
✔ Attend college fairs
✔ Go on college tours and visit colleges with your family
✔ Study for the SAT that you’ll take in the Spring

As a senior, work on your college application and consider studying for the SAT to earn an even higher score. 

✔ Work with your counselor to apply to a variety of schools, some that you think you can definitely get into and some that are stretch or dream schools
✔ Scholarship Writing 101
✔ Submit your college applications by each deadline and make sure you submit a complete and accurate application
✔ Consider applying to a few more CSU’s or UC’s then you first planned to give you a few more options in the Spring. 
Complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
✔ If you plan to play a sport in college register at the NCAA Eligibility Center

Connect with your high school for more college and career information:


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