Check your child’s progress toward college and career with ‘On Track to College’ letter sent home this week

--- Published on November 01st 2019 ---
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On Track to College Letter screenshot

NUSD is continuing its efforts to promote college and career readiness this fall by mailing out a personalized “On Track to College Letter” to every 10th, 11th and 12th grade student at Inderkum High School, Leroy Greene Academy, and Natomas High School.  

This six-page letter provides a wealth of information to families based on each student’s completed courses, final grades, and college exam scores. If a student is off track, this letter will identify options to get back on track, such as registering for summer school to recover credits. These letters will provide our students and their families information about progress toward graduation, completion of A-G course requirements necessary for college admission, competitiveness for California colleges and universities, and recommendations for how to stay on track to be successful in college.