Flyer Approval Process

Flyers must be approved by the Superintendent’s Office prior to being distributed to the school sites. Please read and adhere to the following before requesting approval.

All flyers must have two disclaimers placed on the flyer:

  • The organization is non-profit (must provide proof of non-profit status)
  • The organization/program is not a program of the NUSD and NUSD accepts no liability or responsibility for the sponsored event

To be approved, the activity being advertised through the flyer must follow Board Policy 1325:

  • Benefit students
  • Be sponsored by a not-for-profit or government organization
  • Be age-level appropriate
  • Once the above requirements have been met, submit flyers and a copy of non-profit status to the Superintendent’s Office for approval:

Email to: [email protected]

Questions? Please call Lynn Carli at (916) 567-5401

Please Note:
We do not copy or distribute flyers for organizations to the school sites; it is the organization’s responsibility to provide copies.
Flyers will only be approved to be placed at the school sites in a designated area(s) such as the office and/or library.