Congratulations to the class of 2022-2023: 10 Profiles of NUSD High School Seniors

--- Published on May 17th 2023 ---
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Congratulations class of 2022-2023 NUSD graduates! The NUSD community is proud of the hard work and dedication our students have invested into their academic careers. As high school seniors prepare to walk the stage in their caps and gowns next week and obtain their diplomas, we would like to highlight some of our outstanding grads.

Layla, Leroy Greene Academy

Layla is a senior at Leroy Greene Academy. Layla says she is looking to attend college at San Jose State. Congrats, Layla! In this video, Layla advises students to become active in campus life.

Zerlan, Inderkum High School

Zerlan is a senior at Inderkum High School and aspires to become a pilot. Watch as he shares his advice about the importance of participating in extra-curricular activities at school. Congratulations, Zerlan!

Ashleen, Inderkum High School

Ashleen is a senior at Inderkum High School in the Alternative Learning Program. Ashleen plans to attend community college then transfer to a UC school, and eventually become a naturopathic doctor. Watch as Ashleen shares the importance of working hard early on in high school to set yourself up for success. Phenomenal effort, Ashleen!

Javier, Discovery High School

Javier is a senior at Discovery High School as well as our district’s student trustee. Javier is planning to major in computer science and shares how fast time flies and the importance of putting in the effort. Best wishes, Javier!

Ingrid, Natomas High School

Ingrid is a student Natomas High School in the Alternative Learning Program. Ingrid is working towards a future in science and advises younger students to take their studies seriously. Sensational job, Ingrid!

Adiyah, Inderkum High School

Adiyah is a graduating senior at Inderkum High School. Adiyah is looking to study political economics at either Stanford, Yale, or Harvard so she can obtain a career in education to create equitable outcomes for students. In this video, Adiyah says that high school is a great way to become a better version of yourself. Spectacular work, Adiyah!

Preston, Leroy Greene Academ

Preston is a senior at Leroy Greene Academy who plans to attend UC Santa Cruz to study Computer Engineering. In this video, Preston shares the importance of taking academic risks. Great job, Preston!

Frania, Natomas High School

Frania is a senior at Natomas High School. Frania is looking to obtain a Bachelors in Civil Engineering or Construction Management. Frania explains in this video why it’s important to have good relationships with teachers. Way to go, Frania!

Jonathan, Inderkum High School

Jonathan is a student at Inderkum High School. In this video, Jonathan explains his plans to become a teacher. This is the way, Jonathan!

Kylie, Discovery High School

Kylie is a senior at Discovery High School. Watch this video, as Kylie shares her plans to pursue a music career. You rock, Kylie!