COVID-19 Dashboard

Active Cases

Current positive cases and quarantines that are still within the 10 day quarantine period (find school data here)

Year at a Glance

A monthly total by site of all positive cases and quarantines for the 2021-22 school year.

History of Cases

This table represents a monthly total by site of all positive cases from October 2020-August 2021.

Natomas Unified’s COVID-19 Dashboard

Natomas Unified was one of the first Districts to launch a COVID Dashboard- from the beginning, we focused on the health and safety of our community as well as open and transparent communication.  As we navigate this pandemic, we realize that we need to adjust how and what we communicate so our stakeholders have the information they need to make decisions for themselves and their families.

What does the Dashboard represent?

The Dashboard represents all active and past positive cases of COVID-19 and the corresponding in-home quarantines from the first day of school.  The following tables are included in the NUSD Dashboard:

  • The Summary Table is the District total of active cases and quarantines as well as a running total of all positive cases and in-home quarantines since August 12, 2021.  An in-home quarantine is for individuals who are symptomatic or are not vaccinated and do not choose to be tested.
  • The Active Table represents all current positive cases and corresponding in-home quarantines by school site. An active or current case includes all individuals who are currently in the 10-day in-home quarantine period (either positive individuals or because of an exposure).  
  • The Year At A Glance Table includes all positives and corresponding in-home quarantines by site for the month.  August includes all cases since August 12, 2021, or the first day of school. 
  • The Historical Table provides a historical reference for all positive cases since October 2020.  

Where does the data come from?

If the individual has tested positive through the District testing program, we will know as soon as the results are available.  If the individual tests privately, we learn of the positive test result when it is reported to the site or District office.

These tables do not include positive cases that originated outside of the District if they have no impact on the school environment.

How do we communicate cases on the Dashboard?

NUSD has a robust contact tracing program.  We interview the positive person as well as students, families, teachers, and support staff. When available, we use seating charts.  When close contacts (within 6’ for 15 minutes over a 24 hour period) are identified, we call each person to inform them of the exposure, discuss quarantine options and offer testing.   

  • When we have a positive case at a school site or a District property, all staff on the site or property are notified either in-person (if they are a close contact) or via email as a courtesy notice.  
  • All staff/students who have been identified as close contacts receive a personal communication.   Quarantine options and testing are discussed.
  • All families in the positive student/staff class or classes as well as any extracurricular activity who have not been identified as close contacts are notified of the potential exposure by the school site through the regular channels of communication.
  • The District is required to report every positive case, and all close contacts, to Sacramento County Public Health.

What is the difference between a regular and modified quarantine?

Vaccinated: In all cases, a fully vaccinated person without symptoms does not need to quarantine.  

Modified quarantine: Modified quarantine options are available to unvaccinated individuals under the following circumstances: 

  • Appropriately wearing a face covering:  The modified quarantine option is to stay in school and test twice weekly for 10 days. 
  • Not appropriately wearing a face covering: The option is to get tested on the 6th day of quarantine, and if negative, return on the 8th day. 
  • Extracurricular: Any exposed unvaccinated student, regardless of face covering, must quarantine from all extracurricular activities, including athletics. The student may return on the 8th day if they test negative after the 5th day of quarantine.
  • Outside exposure: Any student exposed outside of the school setting, but not by someone in their household, may return to school on the 8th day if they test negative after the 5th day.

Regular Quarantine:  A regular quarantine period is an in-home 10-day quarantine as a result of a positive test result or, in certain circumstances, an exposure to a positive person.  The regular quarantine period is used when:

  • A person has tested positive (even if they do not have symptoms)
  • If a person in the immediate household is positive
  • If the parent of an unvaccinated student who has been exposed chooses to quarantine in the home for 10 days from the date of exposure

How Often is the Dashboard Updated?

Although Google is able to update every 5 minutes, the Dashboard is updated by NUSD staff every Tuesday and Friday.