Latest COVID Updates

June 2, 2022 – COVID Testing Schedule at the NUSD Service Center & Summer School Sites
The below information is intended for EDC and Service Center Staff, ESY & Summer Program Staff

COVID-19 Testing with hand and cotton swab
Below is the schedule for COVID Testing available during the summer:
COVID Testing site information for Natomas Unified staff
As a community, the more we test, the more we are able to track and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send an email to [email protected].

Revised Infographic as of May 1, 2022

updated infographic as of May 1, 2022 that represents NUSD's Isolation / Quarantine Protocols for Students and Employees

Revised Infographic as of April 6, 2022

Natomas Unified’s Isolation/Quarantine Protocols for Students and Employees Infographic as of April 6, 2022

April 5, 2022 – Reopening NUSD School Facilities to the Community

As we announced last week, we are reopening our Facilities Use to the community. Beginning this Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 9:00 a.m., individuals/organizations interested in reserving space through June 30, 2022 may do so by clicking here. Reservations starting July 1, 2022, will open on May 16, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

Please note that NUSD is experiencing staffing shortages. Permits will be approved on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the availability of staff.  Events that have been approved may experience cancellation based on the availability of staff. NUSD will notify users as early as possible if an event must be canceled due to a staffing shortage. Refunds will be issued if payment was received.

In addition, all NUSD sites will continue to follow current guidelines as provided by Sacramento County Public Health. Click here for further information.

NUSD Communications

March 11, 2022

NUSD Families and Staff,

This is a friendly reminder that beginning Monday, March 14, 2022*, masks in schools will be strongly recommended rather than required as announced by the State on February 28, 2022. Natomas Unified School District will allow students, families, and staff members to make the personal determination of whether to wear a mask while at school. We ask that everyone be respectful of the individual decisions that staff, students, and our families make regarding masks/face coverings. We will continue to have masks available at all of our school sites and offices. Thank you for being supportive of everyone’s personal decisions.

*Events on campus starting Saturday, March 12 are also mask optional.

NUSD Communications

February 28, 2022

NUSD Families and Staff,

Today, California announced that it will no longer require masks in schools after 11:59 pm on March 11, 2022. After this date, Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) will allow students, families, and staff members to make the determination whether to make masks wearing at school a personal decision. What does this all mean for you?

  • If you are reading this today, February 28, there are just 9 school days left under the indoor California mask requirement at schools.
  • When that day comes, masks will no longer be required at NUSD school sites and offices regardless of vaccination status.
  • Natomas Unified recognizes that there will be staff, students, and parents who make the personal decision to wear a mask.  We fully support these decisions and will continue to have masks available at each school site.
  • We ask that everyone be respectful of the individual decisions that staff, students, and our families make regarding masks/face coverings.
  • As per California, no person can be prevented from wearing a mask as a condition of participation in any school activity once the new guidance has gone into effect.
  • The district and schools will continue to respect when students and adults decide to leave their masks on.

NUSD Communications


February 15, 2022

Yesterday, the California Department of Public Health announced that it is not if, but when mask guidance in schools will be changed. For now, mask expectations in schools remain the same for students and adults.

Beginning tomorrow, California and Sacramento County will allow fully vaccinated people to not wear a mask in indoor, public places. This does NOT apply to school sites, child care settings, long-term care facilities, public transportation, and other select locations.

In yesterday’s announcement, the California Department of Public Health announced the next steps in changing mask requirements at school. In essence, they shared:

  • All of the data shows that the numbers for COVID are trending in the right direction
  • It is not if, but when California will make a change to the mask requirements in schools
  • If COVID data continues to show improvement, on February 28th, California anticipates it will announce a date that changes to mask requirements in schools will begin.

Natomas Unified commits to communicating to families when we hear the state makes changes to the school order for masks.  We are aware for some that a change is wanted now. In 9 school days, we expect to know more about the state’s approach to changing mask requirements.

NUSD Communications

Natomas Unified's Isolation and Quarantine Protocols for Students and Staff as of January 26, 2022

NUSD’s Isolation and Quarantine Protocols for Students and Employees

January 14, 2022

Dear Parent,

Due to the Omicron surge, we are changing how we identify and communicate if someone has been a close contact, or exposed, to someone who has tested positive for COVID.  If a person is identified as positive in your student’s class or program, you will receive a notification email and supporting text message.  The email will include quarantine options as well as suggestions for testing within the Natomas community. Please be aware that you may receive an increase in communications home- as many as one email a day per student in your household; however, your student is not at additional risk.  Our goal is to inform parents/guardians as quickly as possible of any potential exposure.

Please note that if your student comes to school, we will assume they are vaccinated or are being tested.  To have your student tested, you may take them to our daily clinic at 1931 Arena Blvd, they may choose to be tested during office hours at the school site, or you may opt to do a home test or take them to a private practitioner.  The choice is yours.

If your student is in extracurricular activities, and has been exposed, they may not participate in their activities, including sports, until day eight after exposure. If your student is in extracurricular activities, and you wish to appeal this decision, please contact your site administrator.

Reminder regarding testing hours and locations:

1931 Arena BlvdStaff and students only: 7 am – 9 am.  We close promptly at 9 as we need to get to the school sites.
Tuesday, 10- 3:30 pm. This is the community clinic.  No one will be able to get in line after 3:30.
Monday and Friday- 7 am – 7 pm at Urgent Care Now Natomas.  UCNN is a full urgent care facility. If you are not feeling well, make an appointment.  There is no charge.  Testing is limited to symptomatic individuals.
Check with your school site for posted office hours.


Districts are receiving rapidly changing guidance for how we address COVID.  This COVID Communication page will be updated regularly when new information is received.  This page will describe how NUSD is planning to address the guidance that has been received.  ONLY changes are reported here. Please see the COVID Safety Plan for additional information. 

January 10, 2022
Based on changes received from SCPH on January 8, 2022

Quarantine periods (see Section 8 of the COVID Safety Plan for more details):

  1. Exposure for Non-vaccinated Student/Staff who AGREE to Test:  If student/staff is symptom free, was masked at school and has consented to testing, modified quarantine is provided.
    1. Test as soon as possible after the exposure.  Test once after day 5 (on day 6). Change: no longer testing twice weekly
    2. Remain symptom free
    3. Cannot participate in extracurricular activities until day 8.  Students may attend after school programs located on school grounds.
  2. Outside Exposure- In the Home:  Symptom free vaccinated Student/staff may return to school but must be tested between day 3 and 5. If symptoms develop, they must stay home for the quarantine period followed by positive individuals.  Change: no need for vaccinated individuals to quarantine with in-home exposure.  Person must test on day 5, but consider testing as early as day 3.  

Unvaccinated individuals must stay home for a minimum of five (5) days and test after the 5th day.  If the test is negative, the individual can return to campus on day 6.  If the individual is symptomatic, or chooses not to test, they return to campus on day 11.