Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable department is responsible for processing payment information. Invoice payments, Buy-outs, Conference Requests, and Monthly Mileage/Expense Claims are paid by an Accounting Technician. Any packing slips, invoices, or contracts for these types of expenses must be signed/approved and then forwarded to the A/P Department. If you have questions about specific expenditures, please contact Kelly Cochrane at 916- 567-5483, Anastasia Monteiro at 916-567-5480 or Joakima Gregg at 916-567-5460.

SACS Account Coding Sheets

New QCC User request form

QCC Lookup Manual

QCC Print Manual

Gift Declaration Form (Donations) – This form is completed for all donations received by the District. Donor completes the form and delivers goods or funds to school site (recipient) along with the form. Schools will verify donation and submit the complete form (and funds) to Brenda Monson or Shawna Brown in Business Services. NOTE: All donated computer/electronics equipment requires prior approval from Instructional & Information Technology.

Accounts Payable Forms:


2019 Mileage Reimbursement Request Form — NEW rates for 2019 miles driven (within the District only)

2018 Monthly Mileage-Expense Claim — NEW rates for 2018 miles driven (for mileage and expenses)

District Mileage Chart

Conference Request

Buy-Out Request

Requisition Form

PO Change Form

Revolving Fund Request