Operations Department – About Us

Welcome to the Operations Department

Our staff diligently works to provide safe and clean facilities, playgrounds, and athletic fields for Natomas’ students, staff, and community members.

Front of Jefferson School

Facility Use

Natomas Unified is committed to providing access to the district’s facilities when they are not designated for district-sponsored curricular or extra-curricular activities. While the district provides access to school facilities, practical economics and California Education Code allow us to charge minimal fees to cover the associated costs of their use. Revenues generated by fees will be used to maintain the fields, gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, and other district facilities that incur wear and tear produced by use beyond the curricular day. Funds will also be designated for the replacement of supplies that are consumed during community activities and equipment that may deteriorate over the course of time as a result of greater than expected use. If you would like more information regarding community use of facilities, click here.

Front of Witter Ranch Elementary School
Front of Inderkum High School

Custodial Services

Our district custodians daily complete a general cleaning of district classrooms, school grounds, multi-purpose rooms, libraries, bathrooms, and administrative offices and disinfect bathrooms and high-use areas. Deep cleaning of various types of flooring (vinyl, carpet, wood, etc.) is completed at least once a year at all sites.

Front of Natomas High School

Grounds Keeping

NUSD grounds keepers are responsible for the care and maintenance of school lawns and landscaping. Duties include, but are not limited to, mowing and fertilizing lawns, planting trees, flowers, and shrubs, trimming trees and shrubs, pulling/spraying weeds, and setting timers for and maintaining irrigation systems at school sites.


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