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Welcome to the Research and Data Department

The Research and Data Department manages student information systems, assessments, surveys, reports, and registration/enrollment for new students.  Our five priorities below detail our work and resources available to our students, staff, and community.

Ensuring students are on track to graduate

  • Infinite Campus, our student information system stores important student information such as course completion, attendance, and grades

  • Data and reports are prepared for teachers, site leaders, and district leaders to ensure programs are supporting student needs

Informing teaching and learning

  • Assessing student learning with the annual CAASPP test along with the PSAT, SAT, and Physical Fitness Tests.
  • Providing reports to teachers and site leaders helps evaluate and plan what students are learning in classrooms
  • Using data helps teachers review the effectiveness of their instructional practice in their classroom

Ensuring students and their families are informed

Listening to the needs of our students, staff, and community

  • Surveys gather important information about student academic interests, perceptions of our schools, and students’ post-secondary plans

  • Community meetings and focus groups are important opportunities to gather input for district plans such as the LCAP

Improving planning and decision making

  • In Natomas Unified School District we use the Cycle of Continuous Learning and Improvement to guide our progress over time.  In 2017, Natomas created The Next 5 Strategic Plan to chart the next 5 years of progress and improvement in the district. We also created the District Progress Report, a tool to see how Natomas is doing along the way to achieve our district goals.

  • Assessment results from tests like the, PSATACT, and CAASPP help school and district leaders plan school schedules and planning for staffing needs

Department Contacts

General Department Inquiries: (916) 561-5269

Joel Rabin, Associate Superintendent

Kristy Cha, Administrative Assistant

AJ Giersch, Director

Rachelle Cypher, Coordinator III

Jennifer Arnett, Coordinator III

Carolyn Spahr, Research and Data Analyst I

Michelle Jett, Research and Data Analyst II

Dawn Mize, Research and Data Analyst III

Martina Hayes, Student Information Systems Specialist