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The Research and Data Department manages student information systems, assessments, surveys, reports, and registration/enrollment for new students. Our five priorities below detail our work and resources available to our students, staff, and community.

Ensuring students are on track to graduate

  • Infinite Campus, our student information system stores important student information such as course completion, attendance, and grades

  • Data and reports are prepared for teachers, site leaders, and district leaders to ensure programs are supporting student needs

Informing teaching and learning

  • Assessing student learning and providing reports to teachers and site leaders helps evaluate and plan what students are learning in classrooms
  • Using data helps teachers review the effectiveness of their instructional practice in their classroom

Ensuring students and their families are informed

  • The Research and Data Department manages the parent/family messaging system for schools and the district

  • Parents are able to view their children’s grades and attendance through the new Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Listening to the needs of our students, staff, and community

  • Surveys gather important information about student academic interests, perceptions of our schools, and students’ post-secondary plans

  • Community meetings and focus groups are important opportunities to gather input for district plans such as the LCAP

Improving planning and decision making

  • In Natomas Unified School District we use the Cycle of Continuous Learning and Improvement to guide our progress over time.  In 2017, Natomas created The Next 5 Strategic Plan to chart the next 5 years of progress and improvement in the district. We also created the District Progress Report, a tool to see how Natomas is doing along the way to achieve our district goals.

General Department Inquiries (916) 561-5269

Joel Rabin, Associate Superintendent
Rachelle Cypher, Director
Jennifer Arnett, Coordinator II
Carolyn Spahr, Research and Data Analyst I
Michelle Jett, Research and Data Analyst II
Kristy Cha, Research and Data Analyst II
Dawn Mize, Research and Data Analyst III
Martina Hayes, Student Information Systems Specialist