SIS RFP Questions and Responses

What are the rubric or selection criteria for the evaluation elements?

  • Proposals will be evaluated based on their functionality/suitability in meeting district requirements, cost, experience of vendor completing similar work, and professional services and support plan.

Is there a preferred response format?

  • No

Can we get more details about the Data Warehouse Solution from Versifit, including system specifications, high-level screenshots, database backend, and high level architecture, as to how it integrates with other systems?

What is the desired level of integration required between individual student academic plans and master scheduling engine?

  • NUSD is interested in vendor proposals for what is possible in integrating student academic plans and master scheduling.

What does NUSD need for data query and extraction tool so reports can be ran without special programming terms?

  • Staff should be able to run reports and extract data (which includes selecting the data to include in those reports/extracts and identifying data to include in those reports/extracts) without the use of special symbols or special field names for the data.
  • Staff should be able to run Federal and State mandatory reports without data manipulation, including, but not limited to extracts for Assessments, Attendance, CALPADS, Civil Rights, College Board, etc.

What system did you end up implementing for CCSS assessments in the classroom?

  • No system has been implemented for CCSS assessments in the classroom.
  • NUSD piloted the NWEA assessment system in 2013-2014 at four grade levels and will be using NWEA district wide in 2014-2015 as a district assessment system three times per year, but individual schools and classroom teachers will continue using other formative and summative assessments throughout the year.

What kind of verifications are you looking for when you ask for the ability to verify student course requests and prerequisites for master scheduling?

  • Staff should be able to verify that students have completed prerequisites for courses and that; students are placed in appropriate courses that meet their academic needs based on multiple measures such as previous assessment results, previous course grades, program participation, etc.

When you ask for conversion of all current SIS data in legacy system, are you asking for all data connected to currently enrolled students be converted into the new SIS? What data elements does this include?   

  • NUSD expects that the vendor will have a plan and process for uploading the student information currently in infinite-campus into the new SIS including data such as: personal, demographic, enrollment, academic, assessment, program participation, attendance, schedules, staff data, etc.
  • SIS should contain all Federal and State mandatory fields used for accountability reporting.

Will you release the systems that you wish to have our SIS integrate with when youare asking for advice on systems integration and consulting related to the selection and building of physical and virtual servers necessary for the SIS or hosting options?

  • Yes.

Will the training for the 1000+ staff members occur over a set period of time?

  • Training needs to begin in the Fall of 2014 for a select group of NUSD technical staff and expand to others throughout the 2014-2015 school year and then continue into the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Training should be scheduled as soon as a contract is approved.

What is the complete implementation timeline so we know how many weeks we have to schedule?

  • NUSD desires to begin the 2015-2016 school year on the new SIS which means that master scheduling will begin in January of 2015 on the new SIS.

How many different standards-based report cards (different grade levels, languages) does the District use or expect to use? Will the District share a sample standards based report card?

  • NUSD does not currently have an example of a CCSS aligned standards-based report card.  That will be developed in the future.
  • NUSD expects the SIS to have a reporting interface to create/modify custom reports, including report cards.

How many years of data conversion will be required, and from how many systems?

  • All student information currently resides in a single information system (infinite-campus).
  • NUSD expects to load all data for currently enrolled students and for students enrolled during the past three years.

What third-party systems will need to be integrated with the system?

  • Programs such as SEIS, Nutrikids, Destiny Follet, Blackboard Connect, Illuminate, and the Versifit data warehouse   

What is the district’s desired training approach: Vendor Delivered Training (VDT) or a Train-the-Trainer (TTT)? Or would the district prefer a recommendation by the vendor?

  • NUSD is interested in a vendor led implementation plan, including, but not limited vendor delivered training and project management services.