School Leadership & Support

Welcome to the School Leadership and Support Department! School Leadership and Support provides resources and supports to our school sites and hosts large scale events throughout the district. Each school is assigned a “Supervisor of School” who is the lead contact for each site principal for support and resources. School Leadership and Support coordinates instruction, professional development, and supports for other programs including; the International Baccalaureate program, Advanced Placement AP, The English Learner program and the GATE program as just a few examples. In addition, School Leadership and Support leads district wide efforts like textbook and curriculum adoptions and report card creation with the support of stakeholders like school parents, staff and students.

Department Contacts

General Department Inquiries: (916) 473-0040

Doug Orr, Associate Superintendent
Pat Hargreaves, Administrative Assistant

David Rodriguez, Assistant Superintendent (Supervisor of Secondary Schools)
Janine Trevino, Administrative Assistant

Mary Lynch, Director
Celeste Garden, Administrative Assistant

Alma Jimenez-Weekley, EL Technician

Travis Burke, Coordinator III
Tiffany Davidson, Administrative Assistant

Shea Borges, Executive Director
Michelle Hamilton, Ed.D, Director
Lori Yates, Administrative Assistant
Lisa Heard, Office Specialist III