Gifted and Talented Education

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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program

Gifted and Talented Education, otherwise known as the GATE program, provides differentiated learning opportunities to students who are identified as having characteristics and/or potential for showing high performance in one or more areas.

GATE Program Funding

GATE program funding is included in the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), authorized by the 2013-14 Budget Act, in place of most previously existing K-12 state funding streams. Funding for this program is determined at the state level. See Principal Apportionment for more information about how funds are distributed to local education agencies.

How do I know if my child is Gifted?

According to the California Association for the Gifted, “Compared to their age peers, gifted children usually learn at a faster pace, use a large vocabulary, ask many questions, and need activities that are complex and challenging. They may also be highly sensitive, creative, and intense. These are only some of the characteristics of a gifted child.”

How are students at NUSD identified as GATE?

Natomas Unified School District’s GATE identification process is a 20 minute computer based test which is provided during the school day for all first grade students during the spring each year. Additionally, for 2nd-5th grade students, if referred by principal or teacher, parents may fill out a referral for testing. Referrals for the 2019-20 school year will open on Monday, December 2nd and close on Friday, January 24th. If a teacher makes a referral for a student, the student’s parent or guardian will be contacted for consent prior to testing. Parents also have the right to opt-out their student for testing.

What happens after testing?

Test scores take a few weeks to be processed before being sent home in the mail. A copy of the test score will be put in each students cumulative folder. Principals may look over the test scores and determine which class each student will be placed in.

What services do GATE students receive?

Students identified for the Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE) will receive differentiated instruction to meet their needs. Second through sixth grade students primarily receive instruction through the cluster grouping model at their school of residence.

GATE Resources

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2nd-5th Grade GATE Referral Form

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Please contact Travis Burke, School Leadership and Support Coordinator if you have any questions.
If you prefer that your 1st-grader not be tested for GATE, you can file an opt-out form by clicking here.