Professional Development

1% NUSD Professional Development Catalog

Trending Questions:  

I finished my 1%, does that mean I cannot be compensated to attend PD? Any teacher that has completed 1% is still encouraged to attend PD sessions in the catalog. Compensation for attendance will be site funded at $40 per hour via certificated timesheet. Please communicate with site administrator prior to registering for courses beyond your 1% compensation. 

Why do I need to fill out a “Pre-Approval Request” form? A person does NOT need to fill out a “pre –approval request” form for any PD listed in the 1% catalogue, only for outside PD.

What other PD is already approved?  CAP CUE (10/1 @ 6 hours); SPED differentiation classes hosted by Carol Williams and team; All Race and Social Justice/Practices courses hosted by Dr. Michele Hamilton: August 2, 3 training @ 12 hours (NMS and NGMS only), October 8, 22 training @ 12 hours (open to all). No Pre-approval form needed.

How do my hours get calculated? Hours of actual PD will be calculated and tracked, even in hourly increments. 




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