Oral Health

Childrens dentistry. Group of kids of different nationalities with a toothy smile during inspection of oral cavity by a dentist

Oral Health Assessment Information

California Law Education Code Section 49452.8 requires that students have an oral health assessment or dental check-up in their first year in public school (kindergarten or first grade). Every child needs an oral health assessment from a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional, and a completed Oral Health Assessment form to meet this requirement.

If your child has not had an oral health assessment in the past 12 months, they will need one before May 31. Take the oral health assessment form linked below to your child’s dentist to complete.

•  Oral Health Assessment Form (English)
•  Oral Health Assessment Form (Spanish)

If you cannot take your child for an oral health assessment, please fill out the separate Waiver of Oral Health Assessment Requirement form. Through our partnership with the Early Smiles Sacramento Program, we will be providing free on-site oral health screenings for all NUSD students in the spring. If you complete the Oral Health Waiver, information pertaining to the Early Smiles Program will be sent to you in the spring.

•  Oral Health Waiver (English)
•  Oral Health Waiver (Spanish)

Please return the completed Oral Health Assessment or Waiver form to your child’s school office. Your child’s identity will not be in any report. Schools keep students’ health information private.

Early Smiles

NUSD has partnered with The Center for Oral Health – Early Smiles Program to provide dental screenings and fluoride varnish at no charge for all students in our district. Click here to find your site’s schedule.
If you would like your student to participate, please complete the attached consent form and return the completed form to your student’s school office.

•  Early Smiles Consent


The following information can assist you with finding a dentist and health coverage:

You can call the Medi-Cal Telephone Service Center at 1-800-322-6384 or visit Smile California – Find a Dentist to find a dentist that accepts Medi-Cal. For help enrolling your child in Medi-Cal, you can apply by mail, go in person to your local Social Services office, or online at Apply for Medi-Cal.

For additional resources that may be helpful, visit your local public health department’s website and click Apply for Health Coverage.

If you have any questions about the Oral Health Assessment, please email us at [email protected].