High School Credit Recovery

Enroll in our High School Credit Recovery program and obtain your Adult Education Diploma.

Our online program and flexible hours will help you complete your goals! This program will give you the opportunity to complete the credits that you were deficient to graduate from a traditional high school. We will provide you with an individualized learning plan that will allow you to work independently through the APEX online system.

In addition to our flexible program, we only require 160 credits in specific subject areas to obtain the Adult Education diploma (Traditional High School’s require 220+ credits to earn a diploma.)

Adult Education Diploma Requirements:

English – 30 credits
Algebra – 1-10 credits
Math – 10 credits
Earth Science – 10 credits
Biology – 10 credits
World Geography – 10 credits
World History – 10 credits
US History – 10 credits
Economics – 5 credits
American Government – 5 credits
Visual and Performing Arts – 10 credits
Electives – 45 credits

To register please request an official transcript from your previous High School.