Digital Backpack

Welcome to the Digital Backpack! The district’s central landing page and guide to a wide variety of information and resources for the academic school year. 

Parents, guardians and students are encouraged to explore their school’s personalized digital backpack to find schedules, Principal’s welcome letters, Parent/Student Handbooks, technical support, and more. Each school’s digital backpack will be updated as information and resources become available. To access important information for the academic school year, click on your school’s digital backpack below.


Green outlined backpack with Preschool logo

Preschool Digital Backpack

Elementary Schools

Purple outlined backpack with H. Allen Hight logo

H. Allen Hight’s Digital Backpack

Green outlined backpack with Natomas Park logo

Natomas Park’s Digital Backpack

Red outlined backpack with Two Rivers logo

Two Rivers’ Digital Backpack

Green outlined backpack with Witter Ranch logo

Witter Ranch’s Digital Backpack

K-8 Schools

American Lakes School Logo on Red Backpack

American Lakes’ Digital Backpack

Blue outlined backpack with Bannon Creek logo

Bannon Creek’s Digital Backpack

Green outlined backpack with Heron School logo

Heron’s Digital Backpack

Grey outlined backpack with Jefferson School logo

Jefferson’s School Digital Backpack

Brown outlined backpack with Paso Verde Logo

Paso Verde’s Digital Backpack

has backpack

Heredia – Arriaga’s Digital Backpack

Middle School

Purple outlined backpack with Natomas Middle School logo

Natomas Middle’s Digital Backpack

Grades 6-12

Green outlined backpack with Leroy Greene logo

Leroy Greene Academy’s Digital Backpack

High Schools

Grey outlined backpack with Discovery High School logo

Discovery High’s Digital Backpack

Yellow outlined backpack with Inderkum logo

Inderkum High’s Digital Backpack

Maroon outlined backpack with Natomas High School logo

Natomas High’s Digital Backpack

Virtual Academy

Larry G. Meeks Academy Digital Backpack

Larry G. Meeks Academy’s Digital Backpack