Interdistrict Transfer

 Transferring into NUSD from another School District

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An Interdistrict Transfer Permit is a request – placement into the request school is not guaranteed.

Families who want their student to attend an NUSD school but live in the boundaries of a different school district must complete Interdistrict Transfer Permits – go HERE for more information.

Online and paper enrollments for students who live outside the NUSD Boundary will not be considered through the TK-12 In-Boundary Registration process.

If you need help with your enrollment, choose one of the options below:

  • Call the Interdistrict Transfer Helpline at 916-567-5424.

  • You can stop by the District Office to speak with an Interdistrict Transfer staff member at 1901 Arena Blvd.

  • You may also email the Registration Desk at [email protected]

  • If you still need help, contact the Constituent and Customer Services Office by email or call 916-561-5253.