Finally! Inderkum’s latest IB students receive diplomas or certificates in campus ceremony

--- Published on September 07th 2018 ---
Inderkum IB banner

Light at the end of the tunnel?


And they reached it today – finally.

After years of sweat, struggle, homework, dreams and sacrifice, Inderkum High’s latest International Baccalaureate (IB) graduates received their IB diplomas or certificates today (Sept. 7) in a brief, campus lunchtime ceremony.

“I’ve been working on this for quite a while, and it’s great to actually have the physical diploma in my hand,” said Christopher Wu, 17.

“I’m definitely glad we did it,” Wu said of the years of hard work. “IB is something that you can’t be successful in without working hard. And success in IB definitely leads to success in college.”

Seven IB graduates in the “Class of 2018” earned full diplomas from the rigorous academic program, recognized by top universities nationwide. Another 102 Tigers earned IB certificates for successfully completing up to six IB courses.

Principal Dan Motherspaw and Jessica Downing, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, presented today’s IB honors. Though the Tiger students graduated from Inderkum’s “Class of 2018,” IB scores had not yet been released, so they had to wait a few months to receive their IB diploma or certificate.

About two dozen IB honorees – or their stand-ins — attended today’s short but joyous ceremony. (Some later posed for a group photo, posted below.) Earning diplomas, besides Wu, were Noah Batiz, Raffaella Carrillo-Gomez, Courtney Cooper, Athena Huerta, Lindsey Jackson and Danako Messele..

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a two-year course of study designed to create disciplined, responsible and well-rounded graduates by requiring advanced study in English, mathematics, a world language, history, social science, natural science, and either art of a qualifying elective in science or social science.

IB Diploma recipients are required to do extensive writing covering every subject area, complete with in-depth research designed to prepare them for college-level research. They also are required to participate in projects involving creativity, action and service.

IB success points to a bright future in college and career — a random sampling of this group, for example, showed that Wu will major in Mechanical Engineering at UC Irvine, Lindsey Jackson will major in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz, and Julina Velasquez will major in Environmental Toxicology at UC Davis.

Jackson said the IB program helped to make her a more well-rounded and better-informed person. “It taught me good time management and research skills. I think that will definitely help me going forward into college.”

Velasquez, months after graduating from Inderkum, said she’s already starting to miss her relationships with IB classmates. “It really did prepare me academically, but it (also) helped me build strong relationships. Being back here and getting this certificate, it’s kind of nostalgic.”

This marks the third year that Inderkum High has handed out IB diplomas and certificates. Coming years could be the biggest ever for Inderkum’s IB program — 31 students currently are seeking diplomas in 2019, while 65 others are pursuing certificates. 

IB honorees at today's ceremony