Dads of Great Students (DOGS)

We have a volunteer program that encourages the fathers of our students to be a part of our school. Each father has an opportunity to sign up for at least one day per school year to serve as a mentor for their child and other children at school. During the assigned day of participation, dads can help out in their child’s classroom, eat lunch with their child, referee our sports events during recess, and many other activities. For more information on our program please visit the Dads of Great Students website or call the front office at (916) 567-5700.

Walk to School (North Natomas Jibe)

Laugh your way to school with our Walk to School program. Meet new friends, get some exercise and fresh air, and save time sitting in traffic.

Great ways to walk to school include:

  • Walking home
  • Parking and walking from at least 3 blocks away
  • Joining our Walking School Bus each Wednesday morning

The Walking School Bus is an adult supervised group that meets Wednesday mornings, rain or shine, to walk kids to school. Parents can join the group, or drop their students off. The group meets at Kokomo Park (on the corner of Kokomo and Ottumwu drives). The group starts gathering at 7:30 and leaves by 7:40 a.m. If you have not already, sign up your student at the front office for a free Trip Scanner Card for all the added benefits of the Walk to School program including parent notifications, student prizes, and parties. The table it set up each morning to scan students’ cards at the entrance to campus.

After School Programs

Intramural Sports (4th – 5th Grade Students)

The Natomas Unified Athletics program offers Flag Football, Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Soccer throughout the year. Tryouts are held for all teams but open to all all students who wish to participate. Athletic packets (including a sports physical) will need to be completed in order to play. Athletic packets will be available in the office. 

The 4TH R

This program is run through the City of Sacramento and offers onsite before and after school child care for Kindergarten through 5th grades. Please call (916) 566-6422 for more information including rates, times and enrollment or visit The 4TH R website.

LEAP Academy

LEAP is a creation of the Natomas Unified School District and made possible from new state funding, from the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P),  for districts to provide expanded emotional learning opportunities at elementary and K-8 school sites. While there are state criteria that the district must follow that includes priority enrollment for students who meet certain criteria; NUSD staff is hopeful that the students who need the services the most will be able to access them, if their families choose to participate.