Walk to School

North Natomas Jibe

Laugh your way to school with our Walk to School program. Meet new friends, get some exercise and fresh air, and save time sitting in traffic.

Great ways to walk to school include:

  • Walking home
  • Parking and walking from at least 3 blocks away
  • Joining our Walking School Bus each Wednesday morning

The Walking School Bus is an adult supervised group that meets Wednesday mornings, rain or shine, to walk kids to school. Parents can join the group, or drop their students off. The group meets at Kokomo Park (on the corner of Kokomo and Ottumwu drives). The group starts gathering at 7:30 and leaves by 7:40 a.m. If you have not already, sign up your student at the front office for a free Trip Scanner Card for all the added benefits of the Walk to School program including parent notifications, student prizes, and parties. The table it set up each morning to scan students’ cards at the entrance to campus.

H. Allen Hight Walk to School Banner
Walk to School Representatives at H. Allen Hight on the first day of school