8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

--- Published on May 23rd 2019 ---
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At our 8th-grade promotion ceremony today, Principal Amy Whitten pointed out to this year’s 125 “graduates” that they have learned together at a time when difficult questions have been asked in society about belonging, conflict, pain and healing.

“You, my students, have been courageous enough to ask questions and start conversations about race, equity, social justice, and belonging. This is not easy work, but I want you to keep using your voice and building a community where everyone belongs, everyone is valued. You’ve already made a difference here at Heron.”

Mrs. Whitten said she often focuses, in promotion speeches, on the importance of working hard to achieve future goals. “But today, with you in front of me, I want you to know that you do not have to wait for the future to make your dreams come true and make a difference in your community.”

She added, “My hope for you as you enter high school is that you listen to the voice inside of you, that is guiding you, telling you how to stay true to what you know is right.”

Mrs. Whitten closed by telling her 8th-graders that they don’t face the future alone. “You are going to high school with this whole community around you, and we will always be rooting for you.” … Congratulations, Flyers! We wish you the best of everything in the many years to come.

The World is Yours balloon
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Student speaker at 8th grade promotion ceremony
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