Traffic & Safety

Traffic & Safety Information

New Traffic Plan

These procedures have been developed to improve the safety of our students who arrive at and leave from school through our parking lot and dropoff/pickup zones. If you should have any questions regarding these procedures, please call the office at 567-5680.

The map of the parking lot clearly indicates that there is a “no parking zone.” This is a loading and unloading zone only. This is also where the emergency vehicles park in case of an emergency on campus. Cars parked and physically unattended in this area create an unsafe situation. If you need to get your student from the classroom or need to leave your car unattended for any reason, please park in a parking space on campus or park on the street in a safe space. No “double-waiting” is allowed as it creates a barrier for other cars to move safely through the parking lot. Additionally, please do not make a left turn onto Banfield Drive as you leave the parking lot. Waiting for traffic to pass causes the traffic in the parking lot to back up. Under no circumstances are automobiles to enter through the “exit” or exit through the “entrance.”

Traffic equipment will be strategically placed in order to facilitate smooth and safe movement for cars through the parking lot and the street. It also includes clearly marked signs for where the cross walks are.

Students are not to ride their bicycles or skateboards in the parking lot or any part of school campus at any time. Skateboards are to be carried and bicycles are to be walked off-campus to ensure the safety of all students. It is recommended that if your student utilizes either form of transportation they have the appropriate safety equipment such as helmets.

Daily Hours of Enforcement:
7:45 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

Automobiles may use available parking spaces on campus. Automobiles may enter the waiting lane (“loading zone”) in order to pick up/drop off students. Please keep your speed as low as possible (under 5 mph would be ideal) and never leave your vehicle unattended at any time.

Before School Schedule The driveway, parking lot crosswalk, multipurpose room, playground and bus area will be supervised by teachers starting at 8:00 a.m. Please do NOT drop your children off or allow them to arrive at school before 8:00 am unless you have made prior arrangements with a teacher or an administrator.
After School Schedule:
The multipurpose room, driveway (flag pole area) and parking lot crosswalk will be supervised by primary teachers until 2:25 p.m. and the driveway (flag pole area), parking lot crosswalk and bus area will be supervised by intermediate teachers from 2:25 p.m. to 2:40 p.m. If you have children in primary (grades 1-3) and intermediate (grades 4-8) grades, or have students in primary grades who ride the school bus, the primary students are supervised in the multipurpose room until intermediate dismissal at 2:25 p.m. At 2:25, bus riders are walked to the bus area by the supervising teacher Students who are meeting an older sibling or other person for pick up are walked to the flag pole area where there is afternoon supervision.
Street Crosswalks:
There is no supervision for the city crosswalks. We urge every driver to use extreme caution when children are present and come to a full and complete stop, especially when there is only a two way stop as some people forget and start to walk into traffic. The speed limit when children are present is 15 miles per hour.
Student Procedures:
Students crossing the parking lot are to use the crosswalk, following the instructions of the teacher on duty. Students exiting a vehicle are to immediately proceed to the school grounds safely by either using the crosswalk or the sidewalk. Students waiting to enter a vehicle may not enter the parking lot until the car comes to the loading area curb. If the student needs to meet the parent on the street they need to use the crosswalk/sidewalks and not walk in front of cars or through the parking.
Please encourage your child to be prepared to exit your vehicle quickly. We have observed children taking as long as five minutes to exit. When this occurs, it can cause a significant traffic jam in the parking lot and possibly out onto Banfield Drive.
Loading/Waiting Zone:
Cars entering and exiting the drop off/waiting zone are expected to maintain a single line. Do not double-park under any circumstances as this creates an unsafe situation, as well as causing traffic congestion in the “through” zone.
The entrance and exit to the parking lot are located on Banfield Drive. Please do not use the entrance as an exit or the exit as an entrance.
Through Zone:
This lane is to remain open for you to easily access parking, to proceed through the parking lot, and to use as you leave the loading/waiting zone. This lane is not a waiting lane or a pick up/drop off lane.
You may park on campus in any spot clearly marked as a parking space. If a space is not available you may park on the street. These are the only places parents are able to park safely.
Bus Loading Area:
This area is never to be used as drop off and pick up for any students other than those who ride the bus. Please do NOT drive your vehicle into the Bus Loading Area. Also, parents and students should use the sidewalk when walking through the area and not cross the bus zone as that creates an unsafe environment when buses are present.
Park Gate:
It has been suggested that the gate between the Heron School field and the park should be open in the morning and after school in order to allow students to walk home or walk to meet their parents in an area other than the parking lot. Beginning on Monday, September 17, 2007 this gate will be open in the morning until 8:20 a.m. and will open in the afternoon at 2:25 p.m. Supervision will not be provided by the school for this area. Therefore, it is a family choice as to whether you would your children to arrive and/or leave school through this gate. For those parents who walk their students through this area, please feel free to contact the school if you see any issues or unsafe behavior.
Parking Lot Privileges:
Please keep in mind that the use of our parking lot is a privilege. Each of us has a responsibility to drive in a safe manner and follow the procedures. Those refusing to drive safely or who refuse to abide by the procedures may have their parking lot privilege suspended.