Student Services & Academics Offered at Heron School

Student Services and Academics Offered at Heron School:

 College & Career Readiness:

•3rd and 6-8 Grade College Visits~ Sac State, UC Berkeley, UCD, AR College

•Counseling for families about CSU and UC A-G Requirements

•Spanish 1 Course for 7-8 students

•Science and Technology Focus


•Differentiated math level instruction for all grades

•Algebra for qualified 7th graders

•High School Geometry for qualified 8th graders

•Science Lab and Science Fair participation by all students

•2nd-6th Grade Gate Cluster

•IXL Math

•Accelerated Reading

On Your Way To IB? Heron Is The Place To Be!


•Student Leadership/Student Council

•Community Service Projects

•Student committees for social events, spirit days, etc.

•Participation on PTSA and School Site Council

•Technology / Production Club

Academic Support:

•Extended Day Interventions in ELA and Math

•P2P (Pathway To Promotion): Mentoring and Academic support

for at risk 8th Grade Students

•Subject area tutoring and homework support

•IXL Math

Fun and Activities:

•School Dances

•7-8 trip to Six Flags

•Upper grade overnight science camps

•8th Grade to Lawrence Hall of Science and UC Berkeley

•Flyer Fest (5th-8th Grade)

•Spaghetti Dinner

•8th Grade Farewell Barbecue

•Poetry Cafe

•Open Mic Night

•School Buddies

•Family Reading Night

•Family Science Nights