How do you say ‘thank you’ to students who have served free groceries to 16,000 people in need?

--- Published on April 25th 2019 ---
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Students who run Joey's Food Locker

Over the past three years, students in the Adult Transition Program at Natomas High have donated countless hours to stock bag, and hand out many tons of groceries — enough to feed 16,000 patrons of Joey’s Food Locker.

Their mission is public service, not fortune or fame, but the spotlight beckoned (April 24) when our Board of Trustees presented certificates of appreciation to all 13 student volunteers.

Joey’s Food Locker serves a dual purpose for the community: Besides providing a lifeline to families in need twice a month, the food locker gives adult students with special needs the opportunity to practice job skills ranging from customer service to checking expiration dates.

The goodwill it spreads is priceless …

Students who run Joey's Food Locker