Academic Integrity Policy

BP 5131.9

The Governing Board believes that personal integrity is basic to all solid achievement. Students will reach their full potential only by being honest with themselves and with others.

The Board expects students to respect the educational purpose underlying all school activities. All students need to prove to themselves that they can do successful work as a result of their own efforts. The Board expects that students will not cheat, lie, or plagiarize.

The Board recognizes that students are more inclined to cheat when there is little likelihood of getting caught. Each school shall provide an environment that encourages honesty. Students must know that their teachers will not ignore or condone cheating and that anyone discovered cheating will be penalized.

(cf. 5144 – Discipline)

When an incidence of cheating occurs, parents/guardians shall be contacted and asked to make sure that their children have adequate time to study at home.

Teachers shall instruct students in research and study skills appropriate to each subject, so that all students may feel confident that if they prepare, they can succeed without cheating. Students shall be encouraged to see tests as a means of finding out what they have learned. They shall be reminded that students who cheat on tests are cheating themselves.


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