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Welcome to Bike Tech!


Dear Inderkum High School Students and Parents,

Hello and welcome to CTE Bike Tech! My name is Mr. Sawyer and it is my pleasure to be your instructor and to instruct your children this Spring. Bike Tech is a new program at Inderkum High School and has been made possible by a partnership between the North Natomas Transportation Management Association and Natomas Unified School District.

You’re probably wondering what is in store for you or your child this semester. Bike Tech 1A is an introduction to bicycle repair, maintenance, and basic mechanical skills. In 1A students learn the basics of mechanics i.e., shop safety, tool nomenclature and use, threaded fasteners, bearing systems, tension and torque, lubrication, thread-lockers, cleaners, and raw material characteristics. They also get an overview of many aspects of bicycle maintenance. They see demonstrations as well as discuss and perform tire and tube service, brake service, and gear adjustments. Furthermore, students learn safe and legal riding practices. The following will be covered this semester:

  • Basic mechanical skills
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Tool use
  • Torque
  • Raw material characteristics
  • How to check for problems
  • Trueness of wheels
  • Bearing system play
  • Brake inspection
  • Tire inspection
  • Crank and chainring inspection
  • Chain inspection
  • Front and rear derailleur inspection
  • Basic regular maintenance intervals
  • Making simple adjustments
  • Tube repair
  • Tire repair
  • Wheel Truing
  • Brake pad removal/install
  • Brake cable removal/install
  • Freewheel and cassette removal/install
  • Derailleur limit adjustment
  • Derailleur cable tension adjustment
  • Headset adjustment
  • Bottom bracket adjustment
  • Wheel hub adjustment
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Strategies to obtain employment

In 1A the emphasis is on knowing when there is a problem, making simple adjustments, tire and tube service, and bicycle safety. We will be riding bicycles this semester and therefore it is highly recommended that you purchase a helmet. Helmets will be available through me for $5.00 thanks to a partnership with North Natomas TMA. It is not necessary to have a bicycle to take this class but, if you have your own bicycle you will have the opportunity to work on it during class. If you have any questions about the course or your/your child’s performance, engagement, understanding, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting all of you and working with you this semester.


Jeffrey Sawyer


Class Description

A learning environment about all things bike! Sharing a passion for bikes while increasing knowledge of mechanical work, safe practices and operating a bicycle on the roadway. Exploring ideas and situational challenges to help prepare students for potential cycling related jobs. Informational experiences to enlighten students about coaching, racing, team work and multiple cycling disciplines. Some topics of discussion related to Road, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike Camps and beyond. Potential advance topics might include training, diet, power meters and forming a team. I am here because I enjoy teaching students that want to learn and sharing cycling knowledge that I have so greatly enjoyed. It does not matter what level of cycling related activities or knowledge students were previously exposed to. They only need to have the will to learn more than they currently know!


Office Hours: Monday -Friday 12:00 – 12:50 p.m.
Room Number: A109
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (916) 567-5880