District News


Congratulations, Austin!  He consistently tries hard in class, takes great notes, and makes sure that he is understanding the concepts. Way to GROWL!


Thank you Darrian for displaying the Tiger Way!  He demonstrates responsibility and asks questions every day in class until he understands the concepts. 


Congratulations to Ichiro for showing what it means to have grit in math class. He is an inquirer who asks intelligent questions and works hard each day. Way to GROWL!


G is for GRIT!  Thank you to Nathaniel for showing grit each day in math class. He perseveres and asks important questions. 


Congratulations to Summer for demonstrating responsibility. She communicates with her peers, asks clarifying questions, and works hard every day.  Way to go!  

Danilo and Tommy

Congratulations to Danilo and Tommy for their collaborative project to celebrate Ms Eagen, one of Danilo’s teachers.

Isaiah and Philippe

Congratulations to Isaiah and Philippe for working collaboratively in their art class to celebrate others for Valentine’s Day.


Congratulations to Sidharth who has won CAWS MYP Outstanding Community Service Award for California! 


Joseph demonstrates what it means to have grit in the classroom. Congratulations on your hard work and perseverance! Go Tigers!


Congratulations to Darryl for being responsible. He shows his leadership in and out of the classroom. Way to GROWL!