District News


Brandon, a senior, goes above and beyond as a leader on campus. He has shown extra initiative teaching his peers and welcoming students during Tiger Tours. Thank you for displaying the TIGER WAY! 

Terell & Aaron

Congratulations to Terell and Aaron, both seniors, who are showing Tiger Pride! Terell is showing what it means to be responsible, and Aaron is showing Grit!  Thank you for displaying the TIGER WAY!


Congratulations to Alesya for being a CARING TIGER! She often stays after class to help clean up the classroom to help make a positive difference in her English class.  


Congratulations to Myleia for demonstrating GRIT and the learner profile trait KNOWLEDGEABLE! She participates in class every day and helps to create a positive learning environment for all students.


Congratulations, Jason!  Jason has grown to be a leader in his Graphic Design class by building relationships with his peers and teacher. Thank you for demonstrating GRIT and REFLECTION! 


Congratulations to Taylor for being worldly and balanced! She has gone above and beyond to contribute to classroom discussion and pursues her own intellectual growth by attending community events outside of class to further her understanding of the material covered in class. 


Tamsen consistently pays attention to events happening in the world, adding commentary and inquiry to  her AP government class. Way to GROWL!


Congratulations to Manpreet for being open-minded and caring!  Manpreet consistently brings a level of optimism and vigor to the class everyday and is willing to challenge herself and others to view issues in a positive manner.


Congratulations to Madison for being a responsible and balanced Tiger! She contributes thoughtful and introspective commentary, and she is ready to listen and add relevant experiences to classroom discussion in her Government class.


Terrance shows what it means to be a THINKER in class.  While working on a project which required a large amount of data compiling, Terrance thought outside of the box to help his team complete a large amount of work in an efficient and effective manner. Way to go!