Counseling Office

The staff in the counseling office is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive system of support that will promote student connectedness to our academic program, extracurricular activities, work-based learning, academic peer counseling and health service. All the counselors are available via appointment. Referrals from parents, staff, or peers are encouraged.

Please call (916) 567-5640 to connect with our Counseling Department.

Ms. Debbie Eisberg

Last Names A-Dh

Head Counselor

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Mrs. Lindsay Stoddard

Last Names Di-J

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Mr. Adam Munguia

Last Name K-Ma &

English Language Learner Students A-Z

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Mrs. Ekuah Ramsey-Gilbert


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Mrs. Stacy Pavao 

Last Name Sam-Z

[email protected]

Mr. Craig Van Nort

CECA Students A-Z

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