Service Learning

Service and Action

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The goal for students’ participation in Service and Action is for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom by taking purposeful action to affect the world around them and making a difference for people, animals and the environment.
In engaging in purposeful action, students progress through the following three stages:
  • Awareness and Understanding: understanding the needs of the community and the student’s own role in the community
  • Action: active involvement in service activities within the community
  • Reflection: reflecting on the quality of the experience and areas of personal weakness and strength that have been revealed as a result of the experience
S&A cycle_bordered

Student Learning Outcomes 

As an MYP student, IHS students should work to meet the following goals as they complete service learning activities:
  1. Initiate at least one activity themselves
  2. Work collaboratively with others
  3. Show perseverance and commitment in their activities
  4. Demonstrate international-mindedness
  5. Develop new skills
  6. Consider ethical implications of their service activities
  7. Demonstrate in-depth reflection showing awareness of their strengths and areas of growth


Service & Action Student Guide 

Students:  The guide below is a PDF.  Please use the following links to access Google Drive copies for your service learning if needed:


There are many service learning opportunities here at IHS and in Natomas/Sacramento.  Use the resources and links below to support you as you determine how you would like to give back to your communities.