Inderkum student Maribela Cruz partners with the Natomas community to create lasting impacts

--- Published on January 13th 2021 ---
Inderkum student Maribela Cruz

When the pandemic hit last year, Inderkum High School’s Maribela Cruz knew that she wanted to do something to help families facing tough conditions due to COVID. So, she used her leadership skills to organize a successful campaign for awareness and support for children of farmworkers. “Through reaching out to members of our community, she was able to raise over $1500 worth of school supplies for the children of Walnut Grove Elementary,” said her big brother Mateo, who undoubtedly is extremely proud of the work his sister has done at such a young age. “She is kind, passionate, and always stands up for what is right. She shows her leadership skills through different events that she has put together herself in order to help others in need.”  

Maribela has always enjoyed helping others. In fact, six years ago she started alongside the organization CAFFE an outreach effort called Packs of Love and Compassion where they provide backpacks, toiletries, food, and clothing to the less fortunate every Valentine’s Day at Cesar Chavez Park in Downtown Sacramento.  “I choose to give back continuously because there are people in this world who just need guidance and help. It is important to me that I can help play a role in that,” said Maribela.

Even with the rigors of being in the International Baccalaureate program at Inderkum, and being an active student on campus, the 10th grader believes it’s essential to always serve your community. Somehow she’s able to do that while also being a member of the District 1 Youth and Advisory Committee (YAC) under the leadership of Mayor ProTem Angelique Ashby’s Office where she has volunteered at numerous park clean-ups, movies in the park, farmer’s market, and other community events.

Maribela hasn’t decided on a career field yet, but she says whatever it is, helping others, and making the world a better place is a requirement.