Jefferson Jaguars Implement Recycling Program Inside Classrooms and Around Campus

--- Published on April 06th 2022 ---
JFS Announcements
Group of Jefferson School Students on blacktop

Last fall at Jefferson School, Ms. Young-Justice’s sixth grade class, also known as The YJ Family, started a recycling program on campus. The program began as a project for the Sharing the Planet unit but grew to something bigger as time passed. After weeks of learning, brainstorming, and researching, the students decided that the biggest way they could make an impact was by focusing their recycling efforts in the classrooms and school environment. The YJ family has been collecting bottles and cans each day from all grade levels. Since the start of the recycling program in November 2021, they’ve raised nearly $50 from their recycling efforts with the support of the Jefferson student body and staff. The proceeds are being used to purchase more recycling bins and a recycling banner to display on campus. The YJ family is proud to be doing its part at Jefferson and hopes they serve as a model for other schools to do the same.

Jefferson School students outside on blacktop with blue recycle bin