2019 Feedback to Parent Advisory and District English Learner Advisory Committee

Q: When was the survey window open for the LCAP survey this year?

A: The survey opened on January 22 and closed on March 13.

Q: Are the two Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools the same schools you sent the School Site Support Team to?

A: The two schools receiving CSI are American Lakes and Bannon Creek Schools.  In 2018-2019, American Lakes had a School Site Support Team.

Q: Is there a report that has come out of the effort regarding ALS?

A: There is not a public report about ALS at this time.  District staff have prepared a report about ALS, which includes student achievement results along with other information that is confidential.

Q: Can a parent walk into the school and request to talk to the principal about the school?

A: Yes, we recommend you call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Q: How much encouragement does the school district give to parents, like attending school meetings, so that they will see exactly what is happening at the school, that the school is doing well or not, how are they getting involved in what their kids are doing?

A: NUSD communicates parent/family engagement opportunities and encourages parents/families to participate in many ways including Parent University, principal messages, district messages/emails/phone calls, facebook, twitter and the web.

Q: What were the red criteria that American Lakes and Bannon Creek had?

A: Academic achievement in English Language Arts, chronic absenteeism, and suspension rate.

Q: Is the district planning to reduce the Teacher on Special Assignments (TOSA) supports to classroom teachers next year?

A: NUSD is preparing for possible future budget challenges caused by rising pension costs, possible enrollment reductions with charter school expansions, and a recession by reducing some expenses at the central office now.  TOSA supports will be reduced in 2019-2020 but not eliminated.