LEAP Academy

LEAP – Learning Recovery Enrichment Athletics/ Arts/ Academics/ Activities Program

LEAP Academy is a Natomas Unified School District program made possible with state funding from the Expanded Learning Opportunities program (ELO-P) and After School Education and Safety (ASES) program. This funding allows for districts to provide afterschool and intersession programs at schools for specific scholar populations.

Program providers offer extended support in reading, writing, math, science, and healthy habits including nutrition and organized fitness.

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The LEAP Academy Program is available for students enrolled at:

American Lakes School, Bannon Creek School, H. Allen Hight Elementary, Heredia-Arriaga School, Heron School, Jefferson School, Natomas Middle School, Natomas Park Elementary, Paso Verde School, Two Rivers Elementary, and Witter Ranch Elementary.

Students at academies and charter schools should contact that school’s office for after school options.

Program Enrollment Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I know if my scholar is enrolled in the program?

A program provider for the site will contact you via phone and email to offer enrollment for your scholar and provide more information about next steps.

I didn’t receive a call?

The site may be at enrollment capacity. A site provider will call and email when space becomes available. To verify your interest form was received by email [email protected] with your scholars first and last name and birth date. Interest form processing may take up to 5 business days.

What is the expanded learning opportunities program?

The Expanded Learning Opportunities program is an educational initiative that provides students with additional learning experiences outside of the traditional school day. “Expanded learning” means before school, after school, summer, or intersession learning programs that focus on developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interest of pupils through hands-on, engaging learning experiences. It is the intent of the Legislature that expanded learning programs are pupil-centered, results driven, include community partners, and complement, but do not replicate, learning activities in the regular school day and school year.”

Why is the ELO-P important?

The ELO-P program was created to address the need for more diverse and flexible student learning experiences. This is achieved through enrichment activities such as art, academics, music, and athletics.

Why is the ELO-P in NUSD called LEAP?

NUSD branded ELO-P as LEAP to capture what opportunities ELO-P presents. LEAP encompasses learning recovery, enrichment opportunities, athletics, academics, arts, and activities (LEAP) and currently prioritizes unduplicated TK-6 grade students.

Who is eligible to participate in LEAP?

The program aims to be inclusive and serve students of all backgrounds and abilities. However, based on the ELO-P initiative, the LEAP program prioritizes unduplicated TK-6 students who are Foster Youth, English Language Learners, or students who receive free or reduced lunch. Once unduplicated students have been offered access, LEAP services may expand to all other students. Eligibility may also be determined by factors such as grade level, academic performance, or financial need.

Is participation in LEAP required?

Participation in LEAP is NOT required. A parent or guardian may choose to opt out of participation.

Will I need to pay for my child to participate in enrichment programs?

Although the ELO-P initiative allows districts to charge parents, NUSD does not currently impose a fee structure on our families. Students are currently able to attend the LEAP academy programs free of charge.

If my child participates in LEAP, does my child need to attend for the full program?

A child is not required to participate every day or for the entire program. You and your child may participate once or twice a week, or the full week, for one to two hours a day, or the full duration of programming time. You will need to follow check-out procedures for the LEAP program at your school site.

What are the attendance requirements if my child also participates in an after-school program like the After School Education and Safety (ASES) program?

If your child is also in the ASES / LEAP comprehensive program, the program has an Early Release and Late Arrival policy as required by the ASES and 21st CCLC. Your child will need to follow the attendance policy and procedures of the ASES program.

If I express interest in the LEAP program, is my child guaranteed a spot in the LEAP Academy after-school program?

Each student is eligible to participate in the LEAP Academy program. However, TK-6 unduplicated students are prioritized to participate in the program. Once all TK-6 unduplicated students are offered access, the remaining students who expressed interest, but are not unduplicated students, will be entered into a randomized selection and selected from the list to enroll. Students who express interest after randomization will be contacted based on the date and time stamped on their interest application. Please also note that due to workforce shortages, students might be added to a waitlist until staffing increases that would then move them from the waitlist to enroll into the LEAP Academy program.

How will I know if my child has been selected to participate in the LEAP Academy program?

The after-school program staff will contact you directly to invite you to complete a registration form, provide orientation information, and inform you of a start date.

Can I pick up my child early from the LEAP Academy program?

Yes, unless your student also attends ASES, where attendance may affect student enrollment. Please adhere to the attendance policy specific to ASES. For LEAP, parents have the option to use the hours they need.

What if my child is an unduplicated student but is only interested in attending the after-school program for enrichment?

Your child is still expected to complete a registration form to participate. However, your child is welcome to attend the after-school program just for the enrichment component. Please work with the after-school program to inform them in advance so they can order additional supper.

Will there be winter, spring, or summer sessions?

NUSD plans to keep LEAP academies operating during winter, spring, and summer sessions. The program may only be available at some elementary and K-8 schools. LEAP Academy intersessions will occur at three geographic locations. Students interested in intersession opportunities from other sites will be offered transportation to and from the program.

Will my student receive supper or snacks while in the program?

Yes, each participating student will be offered a supper or snack at the end of each day.

Should I plan for a secondary after-school care program whether or not my student has a duplicated or unduplicated status?

Yes, each family should consider an alternative plan for after-school care if there is no space in the LEAP Academy to provide care supervision and programming. Additionally, unduplicated students may experience a delayed start due to limited staffing.

Who can I contact to get information and check on the status of my student?

You are welcome to contact the after-school program provider at your child’s school on the enrollment status for your child.

What happens if my child qualifies for the program as an unduplicated student, but there is no more available space?

We want to provide services to all unduplicated students but may have to offer a delayed start due to staffing shortages or limitations in program capacity. A delayed start means students will be admitted once staffing and program capacity becomes available.

If my child is not an unduplicated student but has been accepted into the program, will my child be asked to leave the program to make room for unduplicated students?

No, once your child is accepted into the program, your child will continue to be enrolled for the current school year.

Can my child participate in LEAP Academy virtually?

No, students must be physically present to receive services through LEAP.

LEAP and ASES RFP Schedule



RFP Published

January 8, 2024

Sacramento Bee Advertising 

January 8 and 15, 2024

Deadline for Questions

January 17, 2024

Deadline for District to respond to questions

January 22, 2024

Deadline for RFP Submission

January 26, 2024

Selection of Vendor

Week of February 2, 2024

Board Approval

February 21, 2024

LEAP RFQ Schedule 




RFQ Published

January 15, 2024

Sacramento Bee Advertising 

January 15 and 22, 2024

Deadline for Questions

January 24, 2024

Deadline for District to respond to questions

January 29, 2024

Deadline for RFQ Submission

February 2, 2024

Selection of Vendor

Week of February 9, 2024

Board Approval 

February 21, 2024

Link to Instructions and Forms


The LEAP FAQ continues to be updated. If you did not find your question here, please send your question(s) to [email protected]. Our LEAP staff will respond to your question(s) as soon as possible.

Lisset Mijares, Director
Justin Locketz, Coordinator