Learning Recovery and Intervention Guide: Spring 2023

What is the purpose of the Learning Recovery Intervention Guide?

The main purpose of the guide is to continue an ongoing conversation between school and home about how to best support students. This guide will provide parents/guardians information about their student and encourage them to engage with their school about their student’s needs. This guide will also support school sites in their outreach to families to connect students to academic interventions and learning recovery supports. Together, this will help all of us work together to accelerate students’ progress towards meeting and exceeding grade-level standards and to improve their social and emotional well-being in school.

Q & A Blue and Yellow Bubbles
Q & A Blue and Yellow Bubbles
Who will be receiving a guide?

Parents/guardians of all students in grades TK-11 will be receiving a guide for each of their students.

What information will be included in the guide?

Each guide will include:

•    Outcome data specific to their student such as, attendance, report card/grade performance, spring writing pre-assessment score, and areas of strength, growth and enhancement from the CoVitality survey.
•    A list of available intervention and learning recovery supports.
•    A brief overview of the district’s writing rubrics and full copies of the writing rubrics from each student’s current grade level and next year’s grade level.

How will the guide be different for students in the early grades (Transitional Kindergarten – 3rd grade)?

Students in the early grades will not have CoVitality self-assessment results.  The recent student survey was administered at grades 3-12 so students in grades TK-2 will also not have this section populated with outcomes.  All students at grades TK-3 will receive some common Social Emotional Learning recommendations specific to younger learners.

How should parents/guardians use the guide?

This guide can be a helpful tool for parents/guardians when engaging with their student and their student’s school.  The information in the guide can be a good starting point for asking questions about how to support their student and identifying areas in which to focus follow-up discussions.

How should parents/guardians of students with disabilities or English Learners use the guide?

This guide is NOT designed to replace or supersede a student’s IEP, 504, or any specific program plan already in place based on a students disability status, English Learner status, etc.  The guide should be used as a general source of information to support existing discussions with staff that support a student’s specific special education or English Learner needs.

What comes next?  Will more guides like this be sent out in the future?

This is the second guide in an ongoing series to engage families in new types of discussion with staff about their student. We plan to follow-up with another guide in the fall that will feature end of year outcomes from 2022-23, including the state assessments in Math and English Language Arts

How can I provide feedback?

A brief feedback form is available for parents/guardians to share their feedback. The survey can be accessed here: Learning Recovery Guide Feedback.

What does the guide look like?

Below are sample images of the guide. It is four pages, with each page featuring the following:

  • Page 1: Introduction and outcomes specific to each student
  • Page 2: Writing Rubric from the student’s current grade level
  • Page 3: Writing Rubric from the student’s next grade level
  • Page 4: Overview of supports available and brief introduction to the writing rubrics

Pages 4 and 1