Let’s cut to the chase about Pigskin 101: It was more than just a football clinic for parents — a lot more

--- Published on August 04th 2018 ---
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Tackle drill at Pigskin 101

The first rule of football is to keep your eye on the ball. So let’s cut to the chase about Natomas High’s “Pigskin 101” event tonight.

It wasn’t just about getting adults together who don’t ordinarily play football and showing them what makes the game so fun. It wasn’t just about teaching moms and dads how to catch, throw and block in drills led by players and coaches, then letting the grown-ups try out those skills on the field while wearing a real Nighthawk jersey.

It wasn‘t just about camaraderie, meeting other parents, and getting acquainted with this year’s Nighthawk team and staff.

Coach Don DeRosa said a key component was community service: Showing Nighthawk players the value of reaching out, helping, spreading joy, using their talents in a positive way. Because long after their football days are over, he wants his players to be the best people they possibly can be. He doesn’t just want a winning team, he wants leaders, he wants a Nighthawk family.

And judging from the smiles below, tonight clearly was a touchdown.