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--- Published on February 20th 2018 ---
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In the wake of last week’s tragedy in Florida, a series of copycat threats are beginning to surface across the country, state and region. Just this morning, The Sacramento Bee reported on one such incident in the southern part of the state. The Sacramento Police Department has shared with us that they are deploying officers to and near schools throughout the Sacramento city area to increase their presence. Some social media discussions are appearing in neighboring districts. Our schools will take seriously any rumors that surface in our district and use police partnership as a resource. In Natomas Unified we have three full-time School Resource Officers that move from school to school on a regular basis.  If you see a larger police presence at a school or schools here in Natomas, it does not mean there is cause for concern. This was a Sacramento Police Department decision out of an abundance of caution.  As we have always done, we will take any social media threats seriously and provide both support and discipline when and if appropriate.