Message from Supt. Chris Evans about Measure L school facilities bond measure

--- Published on August 16th 2018 ---
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Natomas Unified Staff, Parents, Guardians and Community:

The purpose of this communication is to inform you that our Board of Trustees has placed a Measure L facilities school bond on the November ballot to serve all Natomas schools, charter and non-charter, by enhancing learning opportunities and preparing for future growth.

The bond would set the stage for classroom and other facility improvements to enhance 21st century learning and technology access, expand academic choice, upgrade safety and security, accommodate rising enrollment, repair and renovate existing schools, and complement our Board-adopted Vision that all students graduate as college and career ready.

The bond measure would provide up to $172 million for Natomas schools, potentially supplemented by state funds, while annually costing homeowners no more than 6 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

Proceeds could not be used for administrative salaries or pensions. Spending would be monitored by a citizens bond oversight committee and audited annually by independent experts. Projects would be consistent with NUSD’s Board-approved Facilities Master Plan.

Natomas has a long track record of responsible stewardship of bond funds. Over the past three years, it has overseen major facilities improvements that have included construction of two new schools, science labs, new classrooms and classroom buildings, library renovations, and enhanced Career Technical Education facilities.

Placing the facilities bond measure on the November ballot is consistent with our Board-approved District Goal to, “Create safe and welcoming learning environments where students attend and are connected to their schools.” 

As a district, we cannot and will not advocate for or against any bond measure. A citizens committee has formed to support and promote Measure L with Councilwoman Angelique Ashby as its chair.



Chris Evans