NHS Announcements

MOU Reached with NTA to Help Struggling High School Students

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Given the circumstances surrounding the negative impact the pandemic has had on student learning and to provide some hope for students who may need it right now, we have requested that the NUSD Board consider a resolution tonight at the January 20th Board meeting that specifically addresses 9th-12th grade students to help them be successful and to stay on track for college and career.

NUSD Newest Career Technical Education Pathway Provides Career Options in the Music Production Industry Post High School

Jeff Galindo, Teacher at Natomas High School, wearing a mask and in music production classroom
What do you think of when you hear the words “Harmony and Chords?”  Perhaps a song or music instruction class. What about how it applies to the audio and recording music industry as part of a lesson in Natomas Unified School District’s newest Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathway – Music Production?

School Site Safety Video

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NUSD shares a series of school site videos designed to share our site safety procedures and actions we have taken to prepare for the return to in-person classes when the time comes.

Suicide Prevention Month Resources for Students and Families

Girl putting arm on friend symbolizing social emotional support
As part of September’s Suicide Prevention Month, Natomas Unified wants to ensure parents and primary caregivers are aware of the prevalence of suicide and suicide attempts among youth, the warning signs of suicide, how to respond when they recognize their child or another youth is at risk, and where to turn for help in the community when a crisis occurs.

Participate in Anti-Bullying PSA Contest for Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Text bullying is in red circle With red line projected through the circle., Stop bullying
Last year, students designed a poster related to bullying prevention. This year, students are invited to submit a 60-second PSA that will help spread their message about how each of us (individually or as a group) can prevent/end bullying in a kind, nonviolent manner. The contest will be divided into four winners: K-3, 4-6, 7-8, and grades 9-12.