Ms. María Guadalupe Ríos

  • World Language Teacher/EL Coordinator
  • Natomas High School
[email protected]

About Me

Immigrant from Mexico. Grew up in California. UCD Alumni. Experienced working with elementary and high school students. Teacher of Spanish for Native Speakers 1 & 2, Spanish 1 and AP Spanish Literature this year 2016-2017 as well as working with English learner students as EL Coordinator. Club Advisor of Latinos Unidos and Brown Issues. Passion for learning something everyday. Like to Tweet and Snapchat. Just enjoy learning about new tech tools and seeing how I can use them in the classroom. Fan of Project Based Learning too. Leadership team member of Capital World Language Project of Sacramento.  UCDavis alumni, BA, M.Ed.   Twitter @ProfeLupita    Instagram @ProfeLupita