NWEA Parent Letter (English)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last year we began our work to transition to the Common Core State Standards in Natomas Unified School District by developing new state mandated curriculum, rolling-out new instructional technology, and piloting new benchmark assessments. This year we are expanding that work and implementing a new district-wide assessment system.

Between September 22 through October 24 students across the district in grades K through 11 will take the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP test. This first test is a snapshot or starting point, but each year we will assess students three times, once in the fall, once in the winter, and once in the Spring. The NWEA will measure your child’s growth over time from Kindergarten through high school, and can even help us predict readiness for college.  As a parent/guardian you can use these test results to have conversations with teachers about where your child excels and where they need additional support in school.

The NWEA provides important information about student achievement in reading, language usage, and mathematics.  As a computer-adaptive test, questions get harder after students answer questions correctly, or easier after they answer questions incorrectly.  By adapting to previous responses, the NWEA can help teachers identify which skills students have mastered or need additional support to learn.  After each NWEA test, you will receive a one-page summary with your child’s results.  For each test area, you will see their performance in comparison to the district average and the national average.

The work to transition to the Common Core State Standards will continue for many years, but know that we are committed to helping your child(ren), our staff, and our entire community through these changes.  As a parent you can expect to see changes in our classrooms with new curriculum, increased use of technology, and more emphasis on critical thinking, and you may have questions about our new work.  Please visit our district website, speak with your teacher(s) or school principal, or contact the district directly at 916-561-5253.