AP English Language and Composition (11)

English 11, AP                                10 Credits                      Grade Level: 11

Prerequisite: English 10 with a “B” or better, English 10 Advanced with a “C” and/or better or teacher recommendation.

Summer Assignment may be required.

Meets HS graduation requirement, CSU/UC “B” requirement.

Depth and complexity of study, an accelerated and enriched curriculum and preparation for the Advanced Placement course in Literature and Language taken during the senior year characterize this course. It emphasizes classical rhetorical analysis and development of close reading and annotation skills and the ability to write a response using specific textual evidence under pressure. Students will engage in timed writing practices in addition to writing significant out of class essays. Composition development combined with study of fiction and non-fiction works and movements of American Literature with selections from the adopted anthology as well as supplemental novels and plays will be covered as in the standard course. Listening and speaking activities build students? discussion and presentation skills as well as fluency in the oral interpretation of literature. The study of vocabulary and conventions becomes more intrinsic to the work students study and produce than in previous years. Students explore career paths, resume writing, job interviews, and develop other workplace and college preparatory skills. Literature is approached through philosophical and political critical theories, such as semiotics, deconstruction, and New Historicism. The eleventh grade English curriculum complements the work taught in the US American History course, from the Puritans and Rationalists to the Post-modern age. Students will write essays, including a fictional narrative, a literary analysis essay, a reflective composition, and a researched historical investigation. They also review various modes (comparison and contrast, description, narrative, classification and division, process analysis, analogy, cause and effect, summary, paraphrase) as available rhetorical strategies. Peer analysis and self-evaluation and meta-cognitive reflections will be a regular feature of this course.

Homework:  Minimum of 3 hours a week of reading and homework.  Extra time will be needed to study for tests, write essays, and work on projects.