AP English Literature and Composition (12)

English 12, Advanced Placement              10 Credits                     Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: English 11 with a “B” or better, English 11 Advanced with a “C” or better and/or teacher recommendation.

Summer Assignment may be required.

Meets HS graduation requirement, UC “B” requirement and CSU requirement for English.

This course is primarily concerned with understanding and responding analytically to works of recognized literary merit, which reflect cultural and ethnic diversity in addition to British Literature.  This understanding is measured by the complexity and depth of the student’s oral and written expression.  Students may expect to be prepared to take the Advanced Placement Examination in English Literature and Composition, as well as the Subject A examination for the UC system and the WPE for the CSU system.  This course will also expose students to a variety of prose passages and current publications to improve the student’s critical thinking abilities.

Homework:  Minimum of 4 hours a week of reading and homework. Extra time will be needed to study for tests, write essays, and work on projects.